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Our Forenew Banded Bi-Directional Foreskin Restoration device offers superior tension through its banded tension system. This method of applying tension to the skin is particulary suited to those restorers who have very little slack skin and has been proven over years to produce excellent results. Our device is one of the most comfortable devices on the market and can be removed and refitted in a matter of seconds after a short amount of pratice. All of the materials used in our products are recognised as skin safe and fully tested. If you have any concerns with regards to any of the materials used in our device please contact us or speak directly for advice before ordering or speak with a medical practitioner.


Included with the device is:


10 x 6 x 25mm bands

10 x 6 x 35mm bands

1 x plain silicone retainer

4 x comfort pads


Construction materials - Nylon, stainless steel and skin safe silicone.


Please note the colour of the device may vary, and may be supplied in either grey or black.


Upon purchase a link to a video tutorial will be emailed providing guidance on fitting and use.


We do cater for foreskin widths above 44mm up to 50mm. These however are not stocked items and will have a much longer lead time. Please contact us for a delivery estimate.

Forenew Banded Bi-Directional Inner Foreskin Restoration Device

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