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Foreskin ​restoration is a term used to describe the process of regaining a mans foreskin who has been circumcised in the past. When skin is stretched beyond its physiological limit, mechanotransduction pathways are activated. This leads to cell growth as well as to the formation of new cells ( By applyng tension to the remaining skin over a period of time new skin cells are grown and the skin length increases. Circumcision surgery sadly removes the frenar band, the ridged band and all or part of the frenulum. Although foreskin restoration can not replace these missing structures, foreskin restoration can create slack skin that will cover and protect the glans from becoming keratinized just like the original foreskin. 


Foreskin restoration has been carried out by men worldwide for well over a decade and its popularity continues to grow. There are a number of ways foreskin restoration can be achieved including manual methods however this can be time consuming and prove inconvenient; therefore for convenience restoration devices have become very popular of recent.


There has been some discussion on restoration forums that in  small number of cases foreskin restoration has resulted in  Peyronie's Disease. This link although not proven is certainly possible as Peyronie's disease can be caused by micro-trauma in the tunica albugina and could result from extreme levels of tension applied to the penis. We have no experience of this condition but we suggest that any foreskin restoration is applied at a steady pace over a gradual period of time. If you have any concerns or are in any doubt please seek professional medical advice.

Restoration Benefits

Forenew - Foreskin Restoration Devices
A Natural Looking Penis

To many circumcised individuals their penis feels incomplete and unnatural. A circumcised penis consists of an exposed glans and often an unsightly scar a result of the operation procedure. The 'quality' of this scar will depend very much on the surgeon's level of care when performing the operation. Using our devices will help bring about a natural looking penis with covered glans and the covering of any unsightly scar to the penile shaft. individuals on a whole also gain significant positive psychological effects.

Forenew - Foreskin Restoration Devices
Increase in Sexual Intensity


Many individuals who have restored their foreskin report that sex is much better for them. The glans and inner foreskin are mucous membranes which are exposed permanently when an individuals is circumcised. As the glans and inner foreskin are sensitive and easily stimulated the body develops a callous layer to insulate the nerves resulting in decreased sensitivity. Individuals who restore their foreskin report an increase in sensitivity and as a result an increase in the intensity of the orgasms they experience.

Forenew - Foreskin Restoration Devices
Better Sex 


A report titled The Effects of Male Circumcision on Female Arousal and Orgasm produced back in 2003 found circumcision may exacerbate female vaginal dryness during intercourse. The report also stated that women who had experienced sex with circumcised and intact men preferred intact men at a ratio of 8.6 to 1. 85.5% of the women also reported that they were most likely to experience an orgasm with a genetically intact man. Men who restore their foreskin also report their partner experiences less discomfort after sexual intercourse and artificial lubrication is no longer necessary.

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