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At present we manufacture three types of foreskin restoration devices, one bi-directional device, one inflation device and a classic style tugging device which is used with an elasticated strap. Two use our patented foreskin retainer and our air device uses a dual grip retainer, thus helping to ensure there is very little slip.

​Our entire range of devices are manufactured in Great Britain with only our anchor strap manufactured in China by an ISO 9001; ISO 14001 accredited manufacturer. We are so confident in the quality of our product that we back it with a six month guarantee. If in the unlikely event a component fails within six months of purchase we will replace the part free of charge.


To ensure your foreskin restoration device does not provide discomfort and to be sure you get the best results it is essential that when order the correct size.

The device you order will determine what measurements we need. To measure yourself use a rigid measuring device such as a rule and take the measurements when flaccid (not erect).

The sizes we require depend on the device you order:

If you are ordering a bi-directional device we require one size the foreskin width (the fist image).

If you are ordering a tugging device we need two sizes the foreskin width and the width of the glans (the first and second image).

To obtain your foreskin width, measure the width of your remaining skin before it meets the glans as shown in the illustration below.











For your glans, measure the width at the widest point as shown in the illustration below.

Forenew Device Measuring
Forenew Device Measuring
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