The Forenew Bi-Directional Inner Foreskin Restoration device is a compact and comfortable inner foreskin stretcher.

The device does not require straps as the device is sprung loaded and works by gradually stretching the inner foreskin over a period of time. The device is discreet and compact, easy to fit, skin safe and fully tested.

The kit contains a bi-directional sprung device with translucent retainer, locking collar and thumbscrew, size down retainer, plain silicone retainer, stainless steel bush,160mm stainless steel rod, three stainless steel springs 0.9mm thickness 50mm and 70mm and 1.2mm 50mm, comfort pads, spare fixings and full instructions.

Construction materials - Graphite reinforced nylon, stainless steel and skin safe silicone.


Please note we do cater for foreskin widths above 44mm up to 50mm. These however are not stocked items and will have a much longer lead time. Please contact us for a delivery estimate.

Forenew Bi-Directional Inner Foreskin Restoration Device

Flaccid Foreskin Width

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