We believe our foreskin restoration devices are up there amongst the best foreskin restoration products on the market today. We believe they will provide excellent results in the shortest of time due to their unique design and ultimate efficiency. 


At present we manufacture two foreskin restoration devices, a strapless inner foreskin spring loaded bi-directional device and a classic style tugging device which is used with an elasticated strap. Both use our patented foreskin retainer thus ensuring there is very little slip, due firstly to the material we use and secondly due to its design and how it 'moulds' around the penis. Our retainer  ensures equal tension is applied to the skin at all times and the device is unlikely to slip during use. The design of our skin retainer is smarter than other systems as it contains graded visual indicators and can be fitted using a 'roll down' method. Lastly our strap system not only offers maximum comfort and control of skin tension but the quick release mechanism provides you with a simple 'on/off' option when necessary e.g. visiting the bathroom.

​Our entire range of devices are manufactured in the United Kingdom with only our anchor strap manufactured in China by an ISO 9001; ISO 14001 accredited manufacturer. We are so confident in the quality of our product that we back it with a six month guarantee. If in the unlikely event the component fails within six months of purchase we will replace the part free of charge.

Customer Advice

Some of our users recommend the occassional use of a numbing agent such as EMLA cream.  A numbing cream can provide the user with temporary relief if they are experiencing mild discomfort. The use of numbing cream however is not advised for long term use. Please check with your doctor or pharmacist if in any doubt.


Safety Warning - Prior to using any topical numbing cream please ensure you check with with doctor or pharmacist to ensure its suitability.


Please Note - Forenew does not approve the use of any cream nor is it in any affiliateded with the manufacturers of EMLA cream or any other pharmaceutical company. Users of any pharmaceutical product do so enitely at their own risk.


To ensure your foreskin restoration device does not provide discomfort and to be sure you get the best results it is essential that when ordering you select the correct size.

The device you order will determine what measurements we need. To measure yourself use a rigid measuring device such as a rule and take the measurements when flaccid.


To measure your existing foreskin measure the width of your remaining foreskin before it meets the glans as shown in the illustration on the left. For your glans, measure the width at the widest point as shown in the right illustration. In the example below the user would select 35mm for both sizes. This measurement helps us to calculate the size of the translucent retainer by calculating the width of the skin over the glans at its widest point.

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